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Ethalwyn [userpic]
Co-Admin needed for X-MEN Rp forum
by Ethalwyn (ethalwyn)
at May 16th, 2014 (07:39 pm)

Hey people!
I'm looking for a co-admin to help me start an X-Men comicverse RP forum. I don't mind doing most of the heavy lifting when it comes to working on the site, but I can't do it on my own and I'd like to have a partner in crime in this business. It's easier to get and handle new members when there's two admins ;) Would be great to get a Cyke as admin *wink wink*

I have good Xavier, Jean, Hank, Rogue and Emma head canons if you're interested, but I don't intend to play all of them. Please contact me at madamromualds  @ gmail .com as I don't use this LJ too often.

hisnightchilde [userpic]
Jean looking for a Scott to RP with
by hisnightchilde (hisnightchilde)
at January 21st, 2014 (11:58 pm)

Hi guys! I absolutely love the couple and have been a sucker for them since I was five (I'm 27 and been RPing since I was 12).

Just wanted to let you all know that there's this RPG forum I'm joining as Jean and they're in desperate need for a Scott, so I was thinking maybe one of you would want to play him across my Jean. =) Just PM me for details.

It's a pleasure to meet you all and I wish this community were more active. I'm a member with both my accounts and it's updates are so sporadic =(


Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! [userpic]
Cyclops x Phoenix Fans!!!
by Root and Shaw....and then they done sex! (kinky_carter)
at January 24th, 2011 (10:27 am)

For the fans!!!


entertaining in a disturbing way [userpic]
fic: Some Dream Not Made Up, PG
by entertaining in a disturbing way (lyssie)
at March 12th, 2010 (07:23 am)
current mood: awake

disclaimer: not mine
fandom: X-Men
characters, pairing: Jean Grey/Scott Summers (Redd/Slym)
genre: angst, character study
length: 1100
rating: pg for grit?
set: during the Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix LS.
notes: I don't know where the prompt for this originally came from, but the note on the piece of paper most of this was on said the prompt was "open flame". Amusingly, I don't think there's actually open flames in this story.

Link: Some Dream Not Made Up
by ALC Punk!

by Chanelberry (chanelberry)
at March 5th, 2010 (08:45 pm)

An X-men: Evolution fic

Before Nightcrawler, before the Brotherhood, before Apocalypse, they were just two kids stuck in a large and lonely mansion, who loved hating each other's guts. A pre-series look at Scott Summers and Jean Grey, in simpler days of light and truth.

001. Lasting Impressions

Logan glanced up from the morning paper as Scott made his way into the kitchen. "You fetching the new girl today, Slim?"

"Yeah," Scott muttered, preparing a bowl of cereal. "Lucky me."

Over the grainy black-and-white headlines, Logan studied the high school sophomore's thunderous expression. "You don't look too thrilled about it."

"I don't like her," Scott bit out. "She's a spoiled, stuck-up, man-hating brat who thinks she's better than everyone else."

Amusement flickered along the hard lines of Logan's face. "Man-hating? Really?"

"She threw a book at my head. Jesus." Scott crunched through a mouthful of cereal with the vehemence usually reserved for harder foodstuff. "I should've just blasted her into oblivion."


grace [userpic]
by grace (melancholise)
at August 8th, 2009 (09:56 pm)

It's Scott-centric and full of angst and woe.


Image-heavy tracklist and download at my journal

Everyone's lost but me! [userpic]
X-Men moviefic: Ways To Fall (Jean/Emma/Scott)
by Everyone's lost but me! (seriousfic)
at May 6th, 2009 (04:24 pm)

Title: Ways To Fall
Fandom: X-Men movieverse
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,773
Characters/Pairings: Jean/Emma/Scott
Author’s Note: Takes place after X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Summary: Emma and Jean are in a competition. Scott is the prize.

The oldest girls, the only telepaths, it was inevitable. They tend to collide in near-victories and narrow defeats. Jean’s a telekinetic, but Emma’s the more subtle telepath. Jean is Xavier’s favorite, but Emma is the one who always plays chess with Erik.

Linda [userpic]
X-Men: First Class Character Posters
by Linda (frowninghour)
at April 20th, 2009 (12:19 am)

Sooooo I'm trying desperately not to get sucked back into X-Men, but I heard recently they were making an X-Men: First Class movie and I couldn't resist looking into what I've missed the past several years that I've been away from the fandom. Wow. Bad idea. Baaaaaaad time to be a Scott/Jean fan. Needless to say, one of my most depressing weekends EVER.

But back on point: I love fantasy casting, so it was fun looking for potential young Scotts and Jeans. I haven't found my perfect couple yet, but for now I used Kate Mara for Jean and Scott Porter for Scott. Please leave me your suggestions if you have any! But I have to say upfront that Kristen Stewart is the most awful Jean suggestion I've ever heard, so please refrain from that, haha.

Full size versions under here @ notthatfarapart

Everyone's lost but me! [userpic]
X-Men fic: Five Sleeping Arrangements (Jean/Scott/Emma)
by Everyone's lost but me! (seriousfic)
at February 10th, 2009 (08:29 am)

Title: Five Sleeping Arrangements
Fandom: X-Men (comicverse)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,534
Acknowledgments: Betaed by prozacpark
Characters/Pairings: Jean/Scott/Emma
Summary: Scott’s sure they can all live together, if they just give it time. Emma isn't so certain.

"I think, if this is going to work, we should all sleep under one roof."

Everyone's lost but me! [userpic]
X-Men Fic: Home Movies (Jean/Emma/Scott)
by Everyone's lost but me! (seriousfic)
at October 12th, 2008 (09:12 am)

Title: Home Movies
Fandom: X-Men
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,990
Characters/Pairings: Scott/Jean, Emma/Scott
Acknowledgments: Thank you, stupidmetalbint, for betaing this.
Summary: It was boredom that drove Emma to watch Jean’s wedding video on a long, lonely evening. It was something else that kept her watching as Scott and Jean consummated the marriage.

Jean taped him. She had a good taste for shot composition, framing him perfectly against the cockpit, making the light of the setting sun reflect heroically against his chiseled jaw. Emma could just picture Jean as a film student, putting together a little short film, dragging all of the original class into a fun family project. It made her turn the remote control over and over in her hand.

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