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by Chanelberry (chanelberry)
at March 5th, 2010 (08:45 pm)

An X-men: Evolution fic

Before Nightcrawler, before the Brotherhood, before Apocalypse, they were just two kids stuck in a large and lonely mansion, who loved hating each other's guts. A pre-series look at Scott Summers and Jean Grey, in simpler days of light and truth.

001. Lasting Impressions

Logan glanced up from the morning paper as Scott made his way into the kitchen. "You fetching the new girl today, Slim?"

"Yeah," Scott muttered, preparing a bowl of cereal. "Lucky me."

Over the grainy black-and-white headlines, Logan studied the high school sophomore's thunderous expression. "You don't look too thrilled about it."

"I don't like her," Scott bit out. "She's a spoiled, stuck-up, man-hating brat who thinks she's better than everyone else."

Amusement flickered along the hard lines of Logan's face. "Man-hating? Really?"

"She threw a book at my head. Jesus." Scott crunched through a mouthful of cereal with the vehemence usually reserved for harder foodstuff. "I should've just blasted her into oblivion."