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A couple of Dudley Do-Rights

Making the world safe for whatever it is this week

A Scott Summers/Jean Grey Fan Community
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"Baby, you're my favorite superhero." -- Jean Grey

"There were times, I was lost, and you found me. Through it all, since the day when we first met, there was you for me and me for you. That hasn't changed. That will never change." -- Scott Summers

"You always belonged with that guy, Jeannie. Couple of dudley do-rights making the world safe for whatever it is this week." -- Logan

"I'm basically the woman in this relationship."-- James Marsden

You gonna tell me to stay away from your girl?
If I had to do that, she wouldn't be my girl.
- Logan and Scott, X-men: the Movie

"I think you should let Marvel Girl come back to the X-Men and Cyclops should marry her!" -- Marvel reader from the 60s.

"Right, right. Base defilement. Jean Grey is a sacred cow." -- Emma Frost

"Personally, I cannot think of anything less appealing than committing the rest of your air time to a single individual. I give the marriage three seasons, max. Look for early strong ratings, but an early cancellation. I do, of course, wish you two the best of luck, however. May you have many spin-offs." -- Shatterstar

"What confuses me is why would anyone separate Cyclops and Marvel Girl and put them on different teams. I thought since they were in love with each other nothing would ever tear them apart." -- Marvel reader from the 90s.

Jack Kirby: Hey, Stan, you know who they were? I tell ya, they never used to do that when we had the book.
Stan Lee: Ah, Jack, you know these young kids -- they got no respect.
- Uncanny X-men #98

Posting guidelines:

This is a community for fans of the Scott/Jean X-Men Pairing.

Fanfiction, icons, graphics, fanart, and discussions are more than welcome as long as they focus on our favorite pairing!

A few simple rules:

*Please do not hotlink. It makes kittens cry. Do you want to make kittens cry? No? Then don't hotlink :)

*Concrit is fine, flaming is not. Abuse will not be tolerated.

*Any RPG ads will be deleted; please do not post without mod permission.

*Let your mods know if you have suggestions for the community.

*All X-Men verses are welcome here; comics, movies, cartoon, etc.

Questions? Contact your mods at sionnain@livejournal.com or karabair@gmail.com

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